The January STAR Students of the Month shine


Michael Corbett

Star Students pose for a picture

All of the best students are here in Woodbridge Middle School!  The STAR students have been great role models for the school in the month January.

Leannie Fontan and Vicger Rodriguez showed integrity by returning twenty dollars to Ms.Traschetti on the way to the park. Fontan and Rodriguez stated that it is “not right to take the money” so they returned it.

Both Fontan and Rodriguez said that they were “walking to the park when we saw it on the sidewalk”. Both Fontan and Rodriguez had chances to keep the money, but showed kindness and responsibility when they gave it back.

Carlito Valez decided to follow the Warrior Way; he’s been helping the teachers at WMS all year. Valez has been a huge inspiration to all his classmates. He helps the teacher out by cleaning up the room before he leaves.  ”He always gets to it before i do,“ said Mrs.Duffy.

Carlito said he likes to help out the teacher with “all the work that they do to teach us”. Valez stated his parents are “proud of him”, and  They have a good Reason to be. Valez is a great personality to have in the school.

Sofia Sokolow encouraged other students by helping in class. Sokolow said “it was nice to be noticed” when they announced her name for STAR student, Sokolow was a little nervous.

Sokolow explained how she likes “the thought of helping others when they look confused”.  Sokolow likes to help others the most when “they are the last to finish an assignment in class”.

Hailey Lyman, a STAR student at Woodbridge Middle, is known for helping a student pick up her books when they fell. Lyman said she was “embarrassed” when her name was announced.  Lyman stood up anyways andher friends and family were so happy for her.

Lyman stated that she knew the student but “either way she felt it’s best” to help someone out if they need it.  Lyman felt the need to help the student, if it were her, she would like someone to do the same.

8th grader, Erick Fraga, saw Mrs.Liastro struggling to carry in boxes, so he decided to help. Fraga said, ”I was the only person around and i saw she needed help”.  It was the first time Fraga was the star student of the month.

Fraga went on to explain how it felt saying, “It felt great”.  Even though he didn’t tell his parents, the teachers in WMS are proud of him.

Katie Joe and Kayla Ruiz showed amazing integrity by returning expensive rings to Mrs.Kemper.  Ruiz said she “returned the rings because she didn’t know if it meant something special to someone”.

Joe said she was “going to leave them”, but her friend told her to take them. They were found above the sink in the girls bathroom.  Ruiz stated if she ”left her rings she would want someone to do the same”.