G&T Enrichment improves day by day!


Anvita Sinha

7th grade G&T students playing a word game as a warm-up for class

Anvita Sinha, Spring Author

Seventh grade G&T Enrichment has developed throughout its years and made a positive impact for WMS, in 2019.  Over the two years Ms. Sweeney has been teaching G&T, she has made a great influence on her students.

Cillian Bubb, Jasmine Hickock, Andrew Jones, and Esther Shi are four seventh grade students who participated in G&T, under Ms. Sweeney.

When asked about the change in the school, Ms. Sweeney talked about her enrollment in this very school as a student, and later as a teacher. She said, “I enjoy being in various buildings, because in each school I grew up there, taught with them, or taught them.”

Ms. Sweeney included that her favorite part of the year is, “convocation”, because “I enjoy seeing the end result of the project” or “seeing it come to fruition”. Convocation is a huge presentation that the eight grade G&T Enrichment spends much time putting on, researching various topics.

The students were also asked about their feelings concerning G&T and if they thought they’d feel as such before they got in. Bubb said that he thought it would just be “extra, additional work” but then realized he got to “learn a lot more than you would in school”.  Shi added, “I really like (that) you get to learn a lot of interesting things.”

The seventh grade G&T students then shared some of their favorite activities. For example, Hickock said she likes the iMovie PSAs, Jones appreciated the monthly blogs, Bubb enjoyed the more scientific activities, and Shi enjoyed researching famous people for the “Hall of Fame”.

The iMovie PSAs, as described by Hickock, are homemade public service announcements, highlighting topics that their makers felt strongly about. The monthly blogs contain articles that each student finds interesting and their response to said article. The Hall of Fame project was writing biographies for people who impacted the world and changed it for the better. The course for G&T also includes science-based subjects, such as engineering or forensics.

The seventh grade G&T Enrichment is continuing to change and grow as every year passes. Hopefully more people will try to set their sights for G&T as the program continues to advance and develop.