WMS adds a new math teacher, Mr. Catalano


Kevin Caffrey

“Hair’s” Mr. Catalano in front of his classroom.

Kevin Caffrey, Spring Editor

WMS has ‘sum’ great math teachers, and now Mr. Catalano has joined the impressive roster.

Catalano is a new teacher here at WMS. He is a WMS alumni and was taught by Mr. Miller. He has taught here as a substitute for many years, but this is his first year as a full time teacher.

Mr. Miller said, “He was into history and he was really polite,” describing Catalano as a student.

Catalano teaches both math for eighth grade and language arts for sixth grade. Catalano said he preferred math when it came to teaching. He explained what made him want to pursue becoming a teacher, “I had really good teachers, and a couple not so great teachers, but I wanted to be somebody who could make a difference and help kids the same way I was helped.”

Catalano said that in his free time he loves to take day trips to the shoreline and occasionally New York City. He also said if he weren’t a teacher, he’d be “pursuing a career as an architect.”. Imagine if Catalano was working on the school outside instead of teaching inside it?

Student Andrew Kleissler said, “He’s very enthusiastic while he teaches and he’s very well spoken.”

Hopefully Catalano stays here at WMS to teach for years to come.