New Year, New 8th Grade Teacher of the Month


Michael Thomas

Mr. Blackmore holding UV light in the dark.

Michael Thomas, Spring Editor

With the new year comes new life, experiences, opportunity, and new teachers of the month. For January, Mr. Blackmore has been chosen.

Mr. Blackmore is among Woodbridge Middle School students favorite teachers. Fellow journalist Kevin Caffrey saying he is “very enthusiastic”, energetic, and that he is one of his favorites. Samuel Tuju thinks that he is “Caring, pleasant, and trustworthy”. He would also consider him one of his favorites.

Mr. Blackmore said the construction has not hampered his teachings; he commented, “I would have expected the kids behavior to be worse. So that’s crazy that it’s not.” Though, he did comment on the temperature of the hallway, saying the device he got the temperature on read fifty two degrees fahrenheit in the morning.

But the room temperature in his room being around seventy two degrees fahrenheit. In all, he expected the two thousand eighteen through 2018-2019 to be bad overall. But it seems that it is exceeding those expectations.

With new technology being developed, Mr. Blackmore is excited for the future. He hopes in the future that iPads will be able to do more such as record temperature. He “can’t imagine” technology not helping the human race get better in the future.

Mr. Blackmore said he believes that he is fortunate that the school lets him do what he loves with his classes, “So if they want to give me an award for doing what I want, what could be better than that?”

As a student of his first semester fourth block class, I can attest to this next statement. He says one of his favorites kind of labs are labs that involve visual content, he said he is a very “visual type of guy”.

Our labs involved heavy visual components are for example, the early labs involving the change of color. And later on the “more complex labs” such as making model rivers with flowing water, miny islands, and other types of land formations.

Mr. Blackmore then explained the craziest lab story that he has;.One year he had a student holding a glass beaker containing hot liquid with oven mitts on his hands. He said the student was “one of the nicest kids” he knew that “never did anything wrong”. Then out of nowhere, the student’s mit caught on fire.

Thankfully, the student’s oven mitts were on fire, not his actual hands. The irony of the situation is that what caught on fire actually saved him from being on fire. Mr. Blackmore said the student said, “I’M ON FIRE!”

The message Mr. Blackmore has for the students of Woodbridge Middle School is that he is “so proud of them for dealing with all the change (construction) and still doing the best work they can”.

Mr. Blackmore added sometimes in life, people build something called “fear”, that makes us afraid of the things we don’t know. Mr. Blackmore said the classes of this year are some of the best do to them doing so well while at the same time the change (construction) going on.

“The message being don’t let fear hold you back at anything. If you want to get anything done in life, find a way to get it done. The only thing holding you back is your perspective.”