Mr Harris hosts health is your wealth challenge


Kylee Riscoe, Fall Editor


During the month of February in Woodbridge Middle 8th grade students prepare for the “Health is Your Wealth Challenge” created by Mr Harris the vice principal of WMS.

The “Health is your Wealth Challenge” was created by Mr Harris so that 8th graders can learn about their bodies because, “You’ll want to know this when you’re older”. When Harris was asked about what sparked his idea he said that, “I wanted something like a spelling bee, but with heath involved so I thought of a healthy bee”. The outcome that Harris is looking for is just for the 8th graders to have “fun, participate and, learn”.


Harris explained that this is only available to the 8th graders because “this is the first year where we are doing this and I thought that the 8th graders have the highest level of maturity and would be able to handle it”.


Mr Harris wanted the challenge to be about health because he has a Physical Education degree and was a personal trainer for 15 years before becoming a Vice Principal. Then Mr Harris went on to say how the challenge is meant for students to know more about their health and wellness because it’s “absolutely important”.

The Health is your Wealth Challenge will start on March 4th and will be taking place after school. But the permission slip to participate has to be handed in by January 25th.

Competing in this challenge also has its rewards. If you place in first you will receive a trophy and a $200 gift card. If you place 2nd you will receive a $75 gift card and a trophy. The third place will get a trophy and a $50 gift card. Then the 4th and 5th placed finalist will get a finalist medal and A $20 gift card and for 4th place a $10 gift card.


Mr Harris hopes to see you out there learning about health and wellness for your bodies.