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Pre-season Girls Volleyball

Skyler Chipepo
Students play volleyball during open gym.

In the upcoming pre-season WMS girls volleyball matches, teams will be competing to showcase their skills and teamwork. 

Students trying out this year are already practicing for tryouts and getting ready to hopefully make the team. In physical education during open gym, students are choosing to play volleyball more professionally and ameliorate their skills too. 

Basic physical skills used in volleyball include serving, passing, blocking, hitting, and digging. Being on a volleyball team in general requires great communication skills, sportsmanship, and more. Though those are greatly needed skills to have, there are other skills that one should have to be on a team.  

Olivia Pisapia, a former WMS volleyball player said, “Definitely teamwork skills, it’s a lot of working together and communication and basic volleyball skills and room to improve.”     

Another member from last year’s WMS volleyball team, Gracien Milevoi, said, “Good sportsmanship, don’t be afraid to dive and get the ball.”

The volleyball coaches this year will critique the students as they try out. The skills they are looking for are communication, coachability, and people who know the game. They are also looking for players who have good discipline, good grades, and good behavior, not just on the court but around school as well. 

Former WMS volleyball player Lugina Elshikh was asked the question, “If you were picking this year’s team, how would you critique who will make it?” She answered, “Good sportsmanship and team bonding. When you’re with everybody everyday after school, you really need a bond.  [Last year] We used to go to Walgreens. We honestly have to have a bond to play too because we know and we trust each other.”

Tryouts will be very competitive this year, considering the many people trying out. Some people may be excited, some may be nervous. Tryouts come with a lot of challenge and competitiveness, especially since one will be going against many others to make the team. 

Former wms volleyball team player, Judy Elshikh, shared some advice for those feeling nervous, “Don’t be nervous, the coaches are really nice and once you get on the team everybody is really nice it’s like a little family.” 

Another former WMS volleyball player, Jillian Peralta, shared some great advice for those feeling unsure or nervous. She said, “Practice, practice, practice, that’s what I’ll be doing. That’s how you get better, ‘practice makes progress it doesn’t make perfection,’ that’s one of the quotes I love. I think if you practice you’ll get better and we’ll see on tryouts.” 

Mikayla Loraza, also a former WMS volleyball player shared, “Try out, just do it, it’s okay if you’re scared, everyone is. I mean I was scared when tryouts happened [last year] but you know, look what happened I made it on the team.  And I made so much friends after that too.” 

Good luck to everyone trying out. 

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