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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

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An Insight on NJHS and the Candidate’s Application Process

Krina P.
Mia Muilenburg poses for an NJHS candidate picture.

Every third marking period, NJHS sends out applications to candidates. Mrs.Mchale, an advisor of NJHS, expressed what NJHS was. Candidates expressed how the application process went.

7th grader Mia Muilenburg said her push-back on the application process was, “Procrastination…it got to two weeks before [the deadline] and I didn’t have a whole lot done.”

Ogechi Madueke, a 7th grader, said that the toughest part of the application was, “The essays, specifically the essay where we had to [read] the article.”

The work for the candidates was difficult but in the end, they made it through and got it done. Now what is NJHS and how does it impact individuals? 

“NJHS is when students come together to think of ideas to better serve the community.” Mrs. McHale expressed. NJHS has been around helping strengthen communities along with impacting other’s lives. 

NJHS impacts individuals in all types of ways, for Mrs.McHale however, she said, “I get to work with a lot of students that I don’t necessarily have the opportunity to teach, so I get to know them on a more personal level.” 

NJHS is a place for teens to illustrate their ideas, but they also have to display the every day five pillars of NJHS – Service, Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Citizenship. Muilenburg and Madeke said which of those pillars they displayed the most. 

“Service and Leadership. For Peer Leaders, I go…and help out… And then leadership. I like being a leader, I am going to be real,” Muilenburg said. 

Madueke responded quickly, “Leadership, because I’m good at directing and helping people at being themselves.”

Muilenburg has some advice for NJHS candidates, “Even just trying, it’s better, than not trying than wishing you were in it, than trying and not getting in.” 

Hopefully, these candidates receive membership, become part of NJHS, and see all the opportunities they have to offer.

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