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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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Come and join Candy Bar Bingo

Mr Malmstrom
Families at WMS enjoy a fun night of Candy Bar Bingo.

WMS students attended Candy Bar Bingo with their family and friends on December 13th. It took place in the Cafe, everyone had a great time listening to the numbers and having quality time with their families and friends. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Candy Bar Bingo seems to be like a great thing to attend to with your families. 

Mr. Catalano is a WMS teacher that has been a host of Candy Bar Bingo for two years. His favorite part about it is when someone wins and he gets to see what candy they pick. He explained  that the first time a student wins is five pieces of candy, the second time the prize is three pieces of candy and the third time students get one piece of candy.

In Candy Bar Bingo kids get to bring there own candy.  Some kids brought Mr. Beast bars and some Skittles. Catalano said that he thinks “the family environment is important because family gets together and spends time together and bond makes them feel unified.”

Claire Burns, a 7th grader at WMS, was one of the people who attended candy bar bingo, she expressed her favorite part about Candy Bar Bingo. She stated, “We got to play a game, and it was only a little bit of money, whereas if we played it at my house, it would take up more time, but in this place, we can just drive there, and then we can just play a game.”

Burnes said that she enjoyed attending Candy Bar Bingo because “it was fun and you get candy.” She also has gone to Candy Bar Bingo every single year of elementary school and missed last year so she went this year.  She went to elementary school 28, and this is her 6th time going to Candy Bar Bingo.

She also said, “I expected a lot more people.” She stated that she expected the whole cafeteria to be full. Last but not least, she said her favorite type of candy is sweet candy and her favorite candy is Skittles.  Her least favorite type of candy is mint candy because, “It smells like as if you put chocolate inside of toothpaste”.

Abby Faughnan, Is a 7th grader at WMS who also attended Candy Bar Bingo to win and have fun with her family. Her favorite part about Candy Bar Bingo was when “you got to fill out the numbers like I had to get that number before anyone else got that number.”

She chose to attend Candy Bar Bingo because she had leftover candy bars from her birthday party early in the year. She would do it all the time because there weren’t a lot of people and one person kept winning over and over again. 

Her favorite candy is Twix Bar because, “It [is] Yummy.”  she said only like 3 families showed up. Her Favorite type of candy is Sweet, not sour, she inspected 15 more families to show up Abby said overall it was so Fun!


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