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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

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WMS hosts a Violence Awareness Week

Detective Zeno hosts a Violence Awareness assembly at WMS. In this picture Zeno was talking about decision making.

WMS hosted an annual Violence Awareness Week where safety was highlighted.  Detective Zeno held an assembly in the auditorium about setting a good example, and how to use social media safely.

The principal of WMS, Dr. Lott said, “We hired a really great security guard this year, who also circles the building to make sure everything is safe.  Any security issues are immediately brought to my attention.” Mr. Derrick Sims is the security guard at WMS. He keeps the school safe  and makes sure that members of the community feel comfortable. 

Our counselors also offer extra support. Mrs. Torrella, the sixth grade counselor  said, “My first priority is to make sure everyone is safe at the school.  If anything happens, I definitely want to report it to Dr.  Lott, and whatever the situation is, that’s how we deal with it depending on the situation.”

Mrs. Torrella makes an effort to help the students in school by talking to them individually and making sure they are doing well in school and mentally.  She said, “I try to contact each one of my students, so this year I have all the sixth graders and already I have met at least a third of the sixth grade class so I’m getting there and we’re only on October 17th. So after I meet everyone I’ll know who I would have to reach out to, who doesn’t really need me that much and there’s these other counselors in the building that certain students see so that’s how we do it.”

 In light of  School Violence Awareness Week Dr. Lott discussed that student safety is her number one priority.  She said, “As the principal I think that my primary role is to keep the students and staff safe.” 

 WMS also has a vice principal, Mr. O’Halloran. Dr.  Lott also mentioned, “Every morning [Mr. O’Halloran and I] come in and do a walk through of the building to make sure everything is up to par.” 

WMS is a very inclusive school, there are always opportunities to be one’s true self as evidenced by the inclusion of Violence Awareness. Dr. Lott said, “I also think making sure every student feels seen, known, and heard [is important]”  She’s saying she hopes and tries her hardest to make every student feel special, like they “belong.” 

Dr. Lott also said, “Our motto is every student matters, every moment counts.”  

Dr. Lott used to be a vice principal at JFK, she said, “There’s something special about middle school age.  Having an impact on them before they reach high school was special to me.”

Dr.  Lott thinks if she educates her students about Violence Awareness, her students will care more and learn from their actions. She also thinks that her students will take safety more seriously if  they knew the things that actually happen in WMS. Dr. Lott said, “I think educating our students on the different techniques of prevention [will also help].” 

Dr. Lott cares so much about her students, she thinks of everyone as family. Dr. Lott said, “I want my kids to feel respected, loved, and safe. If I want that for my kids, then I have to make  sure I give that to other people’s kids.” 

She’s saying she hopes her kids get the same amount of respect and love that she gives out to her students. 


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