WMS gears up for a great dance


Veronica Diaz

DANCE COMMITTEE DOES THEIR DARNDEST: Aidan Bohal and Olivia Sawicka work on the playlists and inspiration for an enchanted forest themed dance.

Veronica Diaz and Sophia Costa

The dance committee is working hard for the upcoming 8th grade dance on June 2nd for all the 8th graders to have one final fun dance at WMS.

An 8th grade dance committee member, Aiden Bohal, gave some insight on how the committee is currently planning the dance. Bohal said, “We can’t plan the food because that’s not up to us. So we plan the decor and the songs.”

Mrs. Donewitz, one of the dance committee’s advisors, explained a little bit about the dance’s dress code and what she thinks of it, information on the food, and items to bring to the dance.

Mrs. Donewitz said the dance dress code will not necessarily be as formal as a prom, but if a student wishes to dress that way they are always able to.  As Mrs. Donewitz puts it, the dress code will be “semi-casual.”  This means students could be more laid back or go all out with some friends for the dance.  

For food, Mrs. Donewitz said there will be “desserts and appetizer-type foods” available at the dance. For the items to bring, Mrs. Donewitz said that partygoers should bring, “extra shoes like flip flops if your feet start to hurt and your phone.”

But how important is to have dances? 8th grader Simon Monsanto said that they’re important because dances are a “milestone” for people that have proms and other school dances. 

Other schools in the township are having their dances somewhere other than their school. A student here, Ingela Ali, said that she would like to have the dance “at this really pretty hall” or a “cool little venue.” 

Students also shared dance ideas, no matter how outlandish.  For example, another interesting idea for a dance venue comes from Monsanto, who said he would want to have the dance “by a lake or a laser tag arena.”  

The theme of the dance this year is Enchanted Forest. However, some people would prefer the theme be something else. Mrs. Donewitz said, “We’ve always wanted to do a candy land theme but no one ever votes for it.”

What would your dream 8th grade dance be like? Esoola Akomolafe, an 8th grader at WMS, explained what her dream 8th grade dance would take place at a large hall and be similar to a celebrity gala, with a long red carpet, photographers, booths with fancy items for any pictures you might want to take(similar to a bin by a photo booth), and the dance would have restaurant level catering.  

To summarize her ideas, Akomolafe said, “Basically just think of Hollywood, the Met Gala, the Grammy’s, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes all in one. Basically all together and even better than that.”

Another idea for a dream dance came from Monsanto, who said he wanted to have the dance at “one of those lakes with the swan boats” and that he “wanted to go on them with his friends.”

It is expected to see everyone pulling up in amazing outfits. Ali gave a detailed description of her outfit. She said that she is going to wear a long dress that will have “pretty silver detailing.” She also said that she is going to curl and put “little bead things” in her hair.

Another detailed description of an outfit that will be expected to see at the dance comes from Akomolafe. She said she wants to wear a long green dress and some heels or flats. Basically, “something [she] can dance in.”

Let’s make sure that this is the best 8th grade dance ever!