WMS prepares for 8th grade field trip


Photo Via (https://www.flickr.com/photos/milst1/27367028871) Under the Creative Commons License

Javian Cruz and Marwan Mohamed

WMS 8th graders are going on a field trip to iPlay America on June 9th for their 8th-grade field trip.

There are many things in iPlay which include the brand-new Top Golf Swing Suite, and the two-level laser tag which students need to try since it’s one of the biggest attractions there. There’s also Ballocity which is an area for smaller ages but is also fun. And, of course, the biggest attraction in all of iPlay is the bumper cars which are totally exhilarating and are a must-try.

But the students won’t be alone, alongside them their fellow teachers will be their chaperones for this trip 

Mrs. Rackett, the trip organizer and WMS teacher briefly explained what to expect on the trip.  She said, “Once we have a head count I will know how many groups of students will be there, that will tell me how many chaperones need to be with them. I ask teachers that are able to come, and if they are, then great. The teachers enjoy watching the students having a great time on their trip.”

She also discussed what would happen if groups wanted to go to different attractions,  “That is up to the chaperone.  We are inside, so if the students need to go somewhere they can.  Last year they checked in with their chaperone to let them know where they would be. “

She also talked about the food situation, “You can bring money if you would like to.  We will eat when we get back.  However, there is a gift shop there and there are a few food options. Not to mention there’s also a candy shop.”

Mrs. Rackett went on to explain the plan of the trip, You enter, first, they will have you sign up for laser tag to get your time. Then you choose what you want to do.  Last year students started in one area and worked their way around.  They even got to go in the cars two times.”

Originally, the trip was scheduled for Six Flags, but there were bus shortages, which made that trip more difficult.  However, Mrs. Rackett explained why iPlay America has benefits over Six Flags.  She said,  ”Six Flags is fun, but if it rained we would lose our trip and everything we would’ve worked for would’ve gone to waste.”

Mrs. Rackett also discussed some safety concerns about Six Flags.  She said,  “I don’t think It should’ve ever been there, because everybody originally thought we were going to Six Flags, but I feel like the main thing we need to focus on is keeping you guys safe and not in any harm.  I just feel like we can’t take any risks this year since something like this happened in the past.”

Mrs. Rackett also discussed the initial plan that she wanted to do, saying, “I would like to do a full-day thing where we wake up in the morning and not come back until 2:30 or something but it would be hard.”  Despite the scheduling changes Mrs. Rackett said, “I would like it to be fun every year so I try to make it the best it can possibly be. That’s why this year we decided to do it in iPlay so we can try and get more people to come.”

A lot of people claimed that Six Flags Great Adventure was their dream/ideal school trip. For example, Samantha Malltell, an 8th-grade student at WMS, said, “I feel like the dream 8th-grade field trip would definitely be Six Flags.  I feel like everyone was so excited to go but then after the cancellation, there was a lot of disappointment. I don’t really see why people can’t just appreciate the fact that we’re even going on a trip in the first place though.”

Most students were upset about the trip change, but will still try to make the best of it.  For example, Manraj Panag, had to say about the change of the trip, “I think it’s kind of sad how everybody wanted to go to Six Flags but they changed it to iPlay America. I don’t think anybody really wanted to go there…because it’s small and crowded.” 

Mrs. Rackett then ended the interview with, “Feel free to ask me any other questions. I’m very excited for you guys! It’s your last trip to middle school! Have a BLAST!”