Activating amazing activities in WMS


Nate Langon

WMS WARRIORS ARE READY FOR SOME FUN! Students show their spirit and excitement for the future activities.

WMS staff and 8th-grade students are getting ready to enjoy the long and awaited annual WMS activities stretching all throughout June.

All throughout the year, these activities have had not only the students but also the staff of WMS thrilled. This year in WMS, students and teachers can expect a variety of activities, these include the following: The 8th-grade dance on June 2nd, The graduation ceremony on June 20th, a barbecue on June 15th, an ice cream social on June 16th, and a field trip to iPlay America, being capped off with 8th-grade promotion on June 20th.

Students are expected to act accordingly when going to the dance, the trip, the barbecue, and the ice cream social. Mrs. Dymond, activity organizer and teacher, said that the students should be “behaving and following directions.”

Graduation, also known as promotion, is one of the main events everyone is looking forward to, therefore students are expected to act professionally. The promotion ceremony also comes with big responsibilities, as the expectations are high. Mrs. Rackett, event organizer, stated, “I would think about self-control. Family and friends are coming to see them, so I’m sure they want to see them in their very best and it’s an exciting day for them as well.” 

Mrs. Rackett also said, “It has always flowed very nicely” so good behavior during the practices are as important as the ceremony. 

Students may be worried about what graduation will be like, and they are not alone. WMS 8th-grade student, Elacy Cruz said, “I feel very excited but it’s just a reminder that we are getting older.” 

Students also are “excited and ready to leave” as said by WMS student Jacey Goris.

But there are students with mixed emotions, 8th grade student and athlete, Hogan Boyd said, “I feel pretty nonchalant about it. I mean, we [have] to do it and I don’t think it’s going to be fun, but I’m looking forward to it.  It’s a once in a lifetime thing, we [have] to make what’s worth of it.”

A dress code also may be a concern for students. They may wonder what to wear and how to dress accordingly. Mrs. Rackett recommended boys to wear something nice like khakis or slacks and a collared shirt, while she suggested girls may wear a dress, nice pants or a nice shirt, but mainly, something “nice and comfy.”

There are many events planned out for the 8th graders, and not all are as significant as graduation. Instead, they are mostly laid back and fun. One of the other events planned for the 8th graders is the ice cream social. Mrs. Rackett said, “It is going to be all of the 8th graders together with tubs of ice cream and toppings where you guys can all hang out.¨ 

And the students are riled up. When asked what event sounds the most exciting, WMS 8th grader, Lia Tineo said, “The ice cream social, because I love Ice cream.”

Jake Dinicola, another 8th grader, said he “loves” ice cream. He said, “I bet it will go well unless you are lactose intolerant, but I love a good ice cream.”

Students also have another event coming up, the 8th-grade barbecue. Mrs. Rackett said, “The town is donating the grills, staff members will grill and we are buying burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, cheeseburgers, drinks, and maybe chips or ice cream after. We will also have outdoor games.”

Breon Barrino, an 8th-grade student and basketball player, said, “I feel like the barbecue will be really fun because I never had a barbecue at any school I’ve ever gone to.”

Students are also thankful for these opportunities. Boyd said, “I think Dr. Lott did a great job letting us have a lot of fun opportunities. Looking forward to all of them, they are going to be fun.”

Our organizers like Dr. Lott, Mrs. Rackett, and Mrs. Dymond put in a lot of time and effort out of their work days for the students’ entertainment. Students are lucky to have wonderful teachers and staff, so let’s thank them for these opportunities.

And these opportunities are extra special this year. Munch Lukachyk, an 8th-grade student baseball star, said, “As an 8th grader, they are meaningful now because it’s my last year here so I can spend it with my friends because some people aren’t going to Woodbridge High School so it’s meaningful   now.”

Students are excited and ready to have a fun day with their friends. 8th grader, Emalee Ritzitis said, “I think it is good to socialize with other people.”

These activities are looking like a big hit, so Warriors let’s have some fun!