WMS volleyball teams pave their way to the playoffs


Hadi Syed

WMS VOLLEYBALL: WMS volleyball boys face off against Avenel team.

Hadi Syed and Angel Batista

They are so far undefeated based on the 6 games that they have played. The games were against Avenel, Iselin, Colonia, and Fords. Most of the boys say that the “hardest game” that they have had is the Avenel game in which they lost a set.(As of the 13th of May)

Aiden Rose, an 8th grade volleyball player, said the boys struggled against Avenel because of their back row and “team coordination.” 

Star player, Macie Mastrola, said she thinks so far, most teams were “not difficult” to play but Colonia was the hardest out of them all.     

WMS VOLLEYBALL: WMS girls face off against Avenel team. (Hadi Syed )


Coach Traschetti and Coach Murphy both see no pattern after each year of coaching but instead, new students as well as new challenges each year. Mr. Murphy said, “I try my hardest to establish a culture with each new roster of players.” 

Both coaches say the team has “improved in every aspect so far” and “that the most difficult thing about coaching is trying to get each player to play in each position they’d like or even playing at all.”

 Coach Traschetti said, the most useful drill during practice was “6 on 6”, especially when the girls are playing against the boys because there is more of a challenge. 

But coach Murphy said, “The most effective drill is peppering. Peppering is a drill which teaches the basics a player should know.” 

Both star players, Simon Monsanto and Daryl Sanchez said, “I couldn’t ask for a better coach, they do a great job at hyping the team up and telling us what we can do better.” 

Simon Monsanto said, “I believe we could work more on hitting, serving and not touching the net,” however most of the girls team think they could work on either communication or mindset. 

Both teams’ players state that they were introduced to volleyball either by family or they liked the sport ever since they first tried it. 

For example, as stated by 7th grade player, Gracie Mileveo says she was introduced to volleyball by her older sister and her dad who helped her practice. 

Come check out the undefeated warriors play against  Fords on 5/18/23.