Chuck and duck: Woodbridge Middle School hosts dodgeball tournament


Cain Berger

CHUCK AND DUCK: Woodbridge middle school dodgeball tournament is a success.

Cain Berger and Edward Torres

WMS hosted a dodgeball tournament on March 8th. Students who wanted to participate had to pay two dollars to any team captain or teacher, and if students wanted to watch they paid one dollar.

The co-host of the tournament was Mr.Thomsen. The team captains were Kyle Bell, Bobbi Joe, and Jayden Diesilvestro. The winning team was Kyle Bell’s team. Bell only had half of his team there and won. Bell’s team had Manraji Panag, Cain Berger, Edward Torres, and a few more.

Teachers expressed who they were rooting for, “I guess I was rooting for the underdog, Ciara’s team,” said Mr. Thomsen.

Bell, the team captain, of the winning team said, “I’m ‘finna’ be like Kobe, I’m going to carry my team for real for real.” Bell had a no-tolerance policy, he said, “If you’re trash you’re sitting on the bench.” Bell also had difficulties being the captain, “It’s pretty hard out here being the team captain,” said Bell.

Bobbi Joe as one of the team captains was having a hard time trying to find team members. She said, “The hardest part was finding 10-15 people.” The only thing that she was not having trouble with was collecting the money because she said “collecting the money is easy once you find the people.” Her team had Tommy Oatmann, Dyllan Diaz, Ryan Gracey, Caleb Roman, and some others.

Jayden Disilvestro as a team captain was having similar problems to Bobbie joe, this is what he said: “not much-being team captain is hard because you collect money.” Some of his teammates were Patrick, Jayden, and Umir.

People really liked the competition between the teachers and students. Brayden Hammond said, “My favorite part of the tournament was the competition between the adults and students and how the students won the whole thing.” He also said, ” I think it’s a really good fundraiser.”

Hammond displayed great confidence by saying, “Nothing could have been better other than me, but I’m already the best.