WMS decides the Super Bowl LVII champion

Thomas Oatman and Munch Lukachyk

The stage is almost set. This weekend we have two conference championships. Many look to see if the Cincinnati Bengals can upset the No.1 seed Kansas City Chiefs at their home turf (again). People also look to see if the San Francisco 49ers will beat the Philadelphia Eagles in their hometown.

8th-grade math teacher Mr.Maneri stated, “I think the Bengals will top the 49ers in a thriller 30-27 overtime win.” Although the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the league, “no one will stop Joe Burrow.”

Maneri usually stays home and “chills” with his family, he looks forward to “ buffalo chicken pizza.” He believes the Bengals and Chiefs will be fun to watch, although Mahomes is hurt. Maneri said, “I believe he will have one of the best performances of his career. Joe Burrow has something to prove not winning a Superbowl yet.”

Although Maneri enjoys the Super Bowl, he likes the opening day of baseball 5 times better.

8th-grade math teacher, Mr.Catalano said, “Even though my Cowboys aren’t there, I believe the Bengals will prevail. I hate the Eagles, it will be terrible if they win. I’d rather the Giants win”

Catalano mentioned that he believes it will be the Bengals versus the Eagles in Super Bowl 57. He believes that the Bengals will pull away with the win in a score of 27-19. Catalano enjoys hanging out with friends to watch the NFL’s most watched game.

He remembers one time in 2017 he and his friends were at a party when the Atlanta Falcons were up 28-3 and Tom Brady started to make one of the greatest comebacks of all time. At this point, they got up and simply left.

Catalano thinks the 49ers and the Eagles will be the most fun game to watch simply because “Philly has a stellar offense and San Fran has an outstanding defense”. He also thinks Brock Purdy can get the job done for them because “he is young but I think he has the instincts to be a leader.” Mr. Catalano enjoys his famous buffalo chicken dip while watching the games. Catalano often doesn’t pay attention to the halftime shows due to the newer version of music he doesn’t understand quite well. Conversely, “Last year’s halftime show was the best ”

Most people think the Eagles or the Bengals are going to win, but 8th-grader
Hogan Boyd said, “The San Francisco 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl.” He thinks this because they have a good quarterback, Brock Purdy, and a fantastic running back, Christian McCaffery. He said, “The 49ers are going to play the Bengals, but the Bengals are going to come up short losing 34-17.”

He stated he was going to watch the Super Bowl at a friend’s house, eat chips, and have fun. He mentioned, “the 49ers vs the Eagles is going to be a blowout.” He thinks the best-leading quarterback left in the playoffs is Joe Burrow. Hogan’s favorite sports event is actually not the Super Bowl, it’s the World Series.

He also likes Wrestle Mania, he thinks it’s fun. Hogan said, “ I don’t like the halftime shows but I do like Beyonce.” Except she’s not even doing the halftime show this year, it’s Rihanna. Although he did mention ever since Katy Perry performed at the halftime show, it has gone downhill.

Not everyone has the Super Bowl as their favorite sports event but 8th-grader Brayden Hammond is a superfan. He said the Eagles have a good shot at winning the Super Bowl. But he also said, “Don’t leave out the Bengals or 49ers because they’re good teams also.”

Hammond thinks the matchup in the Super Bowl is going to be the 49ers and the Bengals. He also said that the score is going to be 37-34 in a very close finale. He said, “The quarterback that’s going to lead their team to the Super Bowl is Joe Burrow.” Hammond said, “the Super Bowl is obviously his favorite sports event.” He mentioned he loves to eat Tostitos chips with a delicious dip during the game.

Mr. Cianfano, a 6th-grade math teacher, said, “All of the remaining teams have shown why they are at the top, but on paper, the Eagles look like the best team.” Conversely, Cianfano said, “I hope the Bengals get their redemption from last year’s loss.”

Cianfano stated that the 49ers will beat the Eagles because “defense wins championships.” CIandano said

The Bengals should win the Super Bowl 28-20 over the 49ers. Most years, Mr. Cianfano gets together with his friends, hangs out, and has a good time.

One of Cianfano’s favorite things to enjoy while watching the Super Bowls is jalapeno poppers and mini hamburgers. Cianfano quoted, “The Doritos commercials are my favorite because they usually bring a good laugh.”

7th grader, Jack Koby, said that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl. He thinks this because they have Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Juju Smith. He said, “They have a great offense and a great defense.”

Koby stated that the Chiefs are going to defeat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, with a score of 28-14. Koby said that he is going to a friend’s house to see the Super Bowl. Koby said the best division game there is going to be in the AFC championship game, Chiefs Vs Bengals. Koby said the Super Bowl is his favorite sporting event. He thinks this because it’s one game and it’s full of excitement the whole way through. He said, “I don’t have a favorite food watching the Super Bowl, I’ll eat whatever.”

ARE YOU READY!! Tune in to the conference championships the NFC is at 3:00 on Fox and the AFC at 6:30 on CBS

The Super Bowl will be taking place on Sunday, February 12 on Fox