Have you ever wondered why people love sneakers so much?


Anjele Alston


Anjele Alston and Brianna Lujan

Collecting sneakers means a lot to people. I did some research about why people love sneakers so much and found out that people obsess and collect sneakers because they think they are socially acceptable and make them stand out among the crowd. When some people buy sneakers it’s like a bunch of happiness and everything goes away. There are so many options you can choose from so that’s why people love them so much and enjoy collecting them. Sneakers also help you express yourself in all the different colors, types, materials, etc.

I really love sneakers very much, one sneaker that I wish I owned is the “Jordan 4 Retro
Taupe Haze” I think that’s a very dope sneaker. My favorite type of Jordan is definitely Jordan 1 high top. I think it’s a very comfortable pair of sneakers and I like all the colors and waves it comes in.

Here are some quotes from WMS students about Jordans

8th grader Mya Acosta said, “My favorite type of Jordans are 4’s because I like how they look. Mya also commented that one pair of jordans she wishes she owned is the “Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White University Blue”

8th Elacey Cruz said, “The prices of Jordans are pretty expensive.” Her favorite types of jordans are 11s.

8th grader Milan Fils Aime said, “ I have the app SNKRS and goat to keep up to date with the new drops and sneakers.” She also said “one shoe I wished I owned is the Jordan 4 Retro

8th grader, Edwin Benitez, loves Jordans he has over 10 pairs of jordans,” He said, “One shoe that is better than jordans is Nike sb dunks”.

WMS teacher Mrs.Chesney said, “Jeff staple is a good designer he made the Nike Dunk SB Low Staple, she also said “I have a pair of Air Max 95 that she probably had for about 10 years there black and gray and goes with everything.

Another WMS Ms.pastor said, “My favorite pair of sneakers are jordans 1’s because they’re comfy and they are the OG, she said “My favorite pair of sneakers that I own is the Jordan 1 Retro High OG Atmosphere.