How do YOU feel when you are listening to music?


Mikey Reyes

AMAZING HEADPHONES! 8th grader Mikey Reyes gives us a taste of what he listens to when relaxing.

Mikey Reyes, Editor

WMS is a school of diversity and different opinions, a lot of students have different favorite music types and some have the same. 

Rap is a very popular music genre in WMS because of the way it pumps up the students and gives them confidence 8th grader Hogan Boyd agrees with this fact by commenting “Before any sports games I listen to Lil baby, he gets me amped up.”

The saying “Music reaches parts of the brain that words can’t” can also relate to music having its way with the student’s hearts. 8th-grade student Kyle Campos said, “When I listen to music it opens my heart.”

People can agree that music can fit best with any mood you are in and helps many people focus, 8th grader Mya Acosta supported this by commenting, “When I’m doing my work is a good time to listen to music because it helps me focus.”

Scientists say “Listening to music releases endorphins in the brain, Endorphins give us a heightened feeling of excitement” Which explains why we feel the way we feel when listening to music.

I can agree with everything about music and WMS students’ favorite music genres. I personally love most music genres and experience happiness and excitement when listening to my favorite songs.

Just as people can have different beliefs and religions they can also have different music tastes. Music can be something people make their personality because that’s what they love and relate to every time.