Sexism in Sports


Ciara Murphy

SHARING IS CARING: It is important to show equality.

Women’s sports aren’t as popular compared to men’s; is that because of how women play?  Is it because “Women aren’t strong enough”? Too stereotypical to notice how women actually play  just because of a mess up? Statistics say 65% of women that played a sport have suffered sexism in their sport, only 10% felt comfortable to report it. Sexism in sports should definitely be talked about more knowing how often it happens.

Mrs. Liastro, a cheer coach for WMS said “I think that in general, women in sports and women’s sports are not as highly valued.”

Sexism takes away confidence. This creates tension and causes players to play worse. When girls or boys are told they can’t do something as good as their opposite gender can, it brings down their confidence. 

Mr. Murphy, a girls and boys basketball and volleyball coach, talked a little bit about boys and girls in middle school sports. He said, “Boys think, especially at the middle school level,  they are better at everything than girls are”

When boys lose a game they are told, “you will do better next time” and “brush it off.” but when a girls team loses they have to deal with harsh statements like “ you guys suck” and “ you can’t even play.” 

Mr. Murphy also talked about how boys and girls get treated after winning or losing a game. He said, “ The boys volleyball team loses a game and nobody seems to care, but when the girls volleyball team loses a game every person in this school seemed to care.”

When an athlete gets told that they shouldn’t be playing a sport there are two ways they can deal with it. They can get upset and believe that they are bad or they can play better than they ever have. Gianna Giron-Gonzalez an 8th grade volleyball player, said, “I just prove to the male that I’m better.”

Social media doesn’t help this situation ethier. For example, on social media sometimes the hashtags are #LiesToldByFemales #IHateFemalesWho, or even in the comments it will say something like ¨Women¨ with a coffee emoji. 

Sexim is an important topic to talk about in today’s society. We think people can make sexism better but we don’t think it will ever be gone completely. 

To help this situation, We think everyone should know they are welcome to whatever sport they want to participate in. If you can’t have a girls and boys team for the sport then both genders should be allowed on the one team. Another way to get rid of sexism is posters. Hanging posters to show your support for both. The last way is to support your teams at their games. Cheer them on and show that you care.