How Hard Would You Work For Your Dream Job?


HARDWORK IS KEY!! Ciara Murphy working her hardest to work her dream job as a doctor.

Youssef Selim, Editor

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you get to walk, drive, even fly to your dream job. Students of Woodbridge Middle School talk about how hard they would work to achieve it and what their dream job is.

Gianna Gonzalez, an 8th grader who wants to be a professional volleyball player, thinks working now would get you the chance of working your dream job.  She said, “In order to get there I have to start working hard now, like running and exercising by myself.  And also getting involved in school and clubs.”  Gonzalez also said enjoying your job is also a big part of it, “If I want to enjoy my life I have to do something that I love.”

How would students deal with distractions in the future? Ryan Fallon, an 8th grader, who wants to be an animator for Disney movies said, “I would want my fellow workers to be people with the same goals as me.” 

Do people’s families inspire them more than others do? Kaylee Arismendi, a 7th grader, said that she would follow in her family’s footsteps, “My dream job is to be a police officer. My mom inspires me and all the stories she tells me when she comes home and how she helps, I just want to be like her.”

Most jobs hire people if they know what they want and if they know a lot about themselves.  How do students learn more about themselves and understand wants & needs? Javian Cruz, an 8th grader, said, “The thing I would do is study about it and learn about what I would do, and I’d start practicing too.”

What time do people usually want to work? This has been a debate for awhile working later throughout the day/midnight. Or waking up early and finishing in the evening. Samantha Malttell, an 8th grader, who wants to be a surgeon said “The earliest I’d be there is at 6, But I’d love to take a night shift because I love nighttime. It’s way easier for me to work at night.”

 My dream job is to be an electric engineer. I want this job because I think the future is mostly going to be electric and learning about it and when you’re experienced with electricity the demand for electronic engineers would be very high. 

The thing this article taught me is how people view the world of jobs and how hard would people be willing to work to achieve their dream. This helped me understand jobs and how I would achieve a job I’m dreaming of or want.