MASQUERADE DANCE! Students pose in fun masks!

Olivia Sawicka and Rayan Czerwonka

With Halloween creeping up, everyone is buzzing with excitement about their costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating with friends. Well, what if you could combine all of those amazing things that make up the spooky season into one? 

If you want to have a fun night filled with tricks and treats with friends… Come to the WMS Masquerade dance! The Masquerade Dance will be on October 27th in the cafeteria from 6 pm to 8 pm.

At the Masquerade dance, you won’t miss any of the fun spooky things you were looking forward to during this spooky season. The dance will include candy, costumes, spooky activities, and of course dancing!

Some of the activities include a costume contest and a DJ. Another thing to look forward to is the food being provided for each student. Each student coming will receive two slices of pizza during the dance. In order to receive the pizza during the dance, and to participate in the dance, students will need to pay $10. 

The costume contest will be open to all students who attend. Speaking of the contest, WMS encourages all students to come with a costume. Regarding costumes, students must wear a school-appropriate outfit. Any additional weapons are not allowed with costumes as well. 

The WMS Masquerade dance will be a blast, and to make it even more fun, we encourage all students to bring friends! Hope to see you all there!