Get Active!: Field day Q&A


Adrian Martes


Adrian Martes, Editor

Many students have questions about field day. These are some frequently asked questions.

What will be there on field day?

There will be a 40 ft Inflatable Obstacle Course, a dunk tank to dunk teachers (students will not be dunked), Inflatable Skee Ball, and an Inflatable Quad Challenge.

How long are we going to be there?

We will be there all day from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm since it is a half day.

Where is field day going to be?

Field day is going to be split into 3 stations; the park, the gym/backyard, and the front yard. 

What activities will there be at each station?

Station 1.  The front yard will have inflatables, pretzels, and water. 7th grade 8:50-10:10 – 6th Grade 10:10-11:20 – 8th Grade 11:20-12:35 

Station 2 will be at the gymnasium and backyard. The dunk tank, Ice pops, chips, music will be back here. 8th Grade Potential Activities – Scooter Races, Relay Races, Guard the Castle, Volleyball, Kickball, Frisbee, Soccer, Dunking teachers into water with various balls.

Station 3 will be at Pearl Street Park and the basketball courts. We will have at least 2 jugs of water and cups here. 6th Grade Potential Activities – Swings, slides, workout equipment, tag, freeze tag, four-square, tennis, frisbee, basketball games, knockout, two-ball. 

Is there going to be food or drinks?

There will be ice-pops, water, chips, and MAYBE, just maybe, an ice cream truck.

Will there be face painting or temporary tattoos?

There unfortunately will not be any face painting or temporary tattoos but Mr Keuscher will be drawing caricatures.

What will be inside the school?

Inside there will be movies, board games, and a place to chill out.

Can we wear crocs?

Absolutely not.