4 A Good Cause: 4Lilli


Dayanna M

LILLI’S GRANDPARENTS: The NJHS advisors stand with Lilli’s grandparents

Dayanna M and Sifa Ansari

Recently, Woodbridge Middle School hosted a fundraiser for the 4Lilli Foundation. Mrs.Torrella introduced this fundraiser given that Lilli is a part of her family. It was a project personal to her and WMS had the opportunity to help.

In this fundraiser, the WMS community raised $1,215. All the money raised was given to Lilliana Cupo’s family. The money was raised by selling bracelets and candy for $2 each by WMS students, specifically, Emma Lopes, Mady Brenner, Daniel Jimenez, Emily Montesdeoca, and Jon Franco. Mady and Emma were a big help by putting everything together to be ready to sell. 

On June 2, 2022, all current NJHS members were in attendance in the auditorium as the donations were presented to Lilli’s grandparents.

THE BIG DAY: Lilli’s grandparents accept the donation.