Disney’s Encanto Rising to the Top


Aleeza Raza

ENCANTOS POPULARITY: Encanto has been playing on screens worldwide

Aleeza Raza, Author

Disney’s Encanto was released on November 24th in theaters. This movie was about the Madrigal family and how the protagonist Mirabel Madrigal saved the family’s “encanto” 

Encanto is the story of a Colombian family, the Madrigals, where each member was given a gift due to a miracle given to them when their grandfather sacrificed himself. Mirabel, the second to youngest child in the family who wasn’t given a gift, has a vision that the Encanto is breaking and goes on a journey to save her family and their “casita.” 

Some of the gifts that were given to her family members were extraordinary hearing to her Cousin Dolores, and being able to control the weather based on her mood, to her Tiá Pepa. In her journey, she brings back her missing Uncle Bruno, confronts her grandmother, and strengthens the dying candle that was holding their miracle together.

Encanto is praised for its style, diversity, and songwriting. Critics like Kim Hughes say the film is “lovely and well-told.” 

Other critics like Maya Phillips refer to the characters as “loving, funny and relatable.”  Encanto has a 4.4 star rating and 90% Rotten Tomatoes. Most viewers on the website describe it as an amazing film that evokes emotion. 

Encanto was Disney’s 60th animated movie, and represents Colombian culture. This film includes a diverse cast, and songs that are written in Spanish. A core concept of Colombian Culture is independence, and this is shown through Mirabel taking on the task of saving her family herself, when no one believes in her. 

For example, Stephanie Beatriz was the voice actor for Mirabel Madrigal and she said, “I definitely think the movie made me feel much more connected to my Colombian history, and my Colombian ancestry.” 

Diane Guerrero played Isabela Madrigal, Mirabel’s older sister with the power to grow flowers. Guerrero referred to her character and stated, “I see her as very strong and understanding that her family needs her to be what they need her to be.” Isabela is known to be “the golden child”, and strongly perceived as perfect.

The movie related to people as a result of its deep connection to their everyday life.   Alex Grabon, an 8th grader at WMS discussed the deep ties many shared in the movie.  “ My favorite character was Luisa, it really shows the essence of our generation, like how some people look really strong on the outside, but on the inside they need guidance,” stated Grabon. 

I enjoyed watching this movie, and have watched it at least 3 times. My favorite character was Bruno mainly because he was a relatable and awkwardly humorous family member. I recommend this movie for viewers who love content that is family friendly and includes comedy.