The Warrior Way makes a comeback


Daniella Mojica

PUT THEM ALL IN: Ciara Murphy puts in her tickets in the Warrior Way bucket.

Daniella Mojica, Editor

Woodbridge Middle School has recommenced the PBSIS (Positive Behavior System in School) system the “Warrior Way” after two years of hybrid learning due to the virus Covid 19. 

The idea of the Warrior Way system was formed in 2010 – 2012. Vice-principal at WMS and PBSIS committee member, Mr. Harris, said that the “thinking process was just to show students how to be leaders.” 

The PBSIS system was created to improve the atmosphere of the school and to get more students involved.  Mr. Harris said,  “The thought process was just to create a system that demonstrates the way a WMS Warrior should be, to create a positive atmosphere, and to just show students how to be leaders.” 

6th and 7th-grade language arts teacher at WMS and PBSIS committee member, Mrs. Chesney said, “Back in 2016, we thought it would be a good positive message for middle school students…When we first started, it gave students the incentive to show integrity. Since we’re back, it’s more so about rebuilding.” 

In order to receive a ticket, students must represent the three pillars of the Warrior Way, which are respect, responsibility, and integrity.  Behavioral changes have been recognized and those students have been given their rightful reward. 

Current WMS students haven’t really been in school due to hybrid learning and renovations being made in the school. Due to these reasons, the Warrior Way hasn’t been fully active for quite some time, so the PBSIS system is very new to the students who attend WMS right now.

7th-grade WMS student and one of the former winners of the Warrior Way, Hayli Covington, said that before she won she thought it was  “just a fun activity”, however when she won,  Covington described her feelings as “surprised, shocked, and nervous.” 

The main objective when making a school system is to make sure it is effective. When asked if the Warrior Way motivates her to do well in school,  Hayli Covington said, “In a way, however, it’s not only the Warrior Way that encourages me to do wellI believe that everyone should behave as a Warrior with reward or not.”

7th-grade WMS student and another one of the former winners of the Warrior Way, Talia Crismale, said that she believes “motivation has to come from somewhere else.” 

The PBSIS system has made an impact on the school. Mrs. Chesney said, “The 6th grade primarily has changed the most. PBSIS impacts the younger grades the most…It can be effective depending on teachers’ involvement and students’ attitude.”

At the end of the week, every Friday over the loudspeaker, students throughout the school will hear either Mr. Harris or WMS principal Dr. Crowe, announce 20 winners that they picked randomly from the Warrior Way bucket, which is located on the first floor in the cafeteria. 

By the main office, there is a case of different treats such as Takis, M&Ms, and Pringles for the winners to pick from. 

WE HAVE A WINNER: The prizes the winners can choose from. (Daniella Mojica)