A spectacular winter concert



Mandeep Kaur, Editor

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, WMS students performed beautifully at the winter concert, conducted by Mr. McGuire and Mr. Taesler. Students in the band, chorus, and ukulele club worked tirelessly to ensure that the concert was a memorable experience for all who came. In case you missed it, here’s a recap.

Covid-19 has affected all of our lives. For these students, it was their first concert in middle school. 8th grader, Kyra Balon, says, “This concert was my first opportunity to feel normal. Families being able to watch their kids perform is a memory they will cherish. Having your loved ones watch you in the spotlight is a special feeling.”

Before the pandemic, the current eighth graders began learning songs in sixth grade but had never had the opportunity to sing them at a concert. Despite the difficulties, they continued to attend rehearsals through Google Meet and were able to perform with the Drama Club in the spring of 2021 as seventh graders.

Band and Choir students came in at 7:30am once a week to rehearse their music, and ukulele club members stayed after school to rehearse. It took some time, but in the end, it was a fantastic concert. Max Kalin, an 8th grade band and chorus student, said, “I benefited from having morning rehearsals because I wouldn’t have to miss any classes during the day, or any of my extracurriculars after school.”

Everyone was set to perform on the day of the event. The program began at 6 p.m. The cafeteria was packed with students. Hardeep Kaur, an 8th grade chorus student said “I was nervous because I haven’t performed in front of a crowd in such a long time.” And 8th grader Laura Mazur was hoping that she wouldn’t mess up the song lyrics. The advanced ukulele club students opened the event with “Holy Night” and “Oh Christmas Tree.” They played well, and the crowd was awestruck to watch middle school kids playing the ukulele.

The band students next performed “Jingle Bells” and “Legend of the Alhambra” under the direction of Mrs. Maneri’s substitute, Mr. Taesler. It was a magnificent performance.

Finally, the WMS Choir ascended the stage and played four lovely compositions under the direction of Mr. McGuire, accompanied by a pianist Marisa Green, a choir conductor at the Reddit Academy. The choir performed three pieces, culminating in a rendition of “America the Beautiful” as a finale. Kyra Balon further says, “We finally got to bond together as a group and we had a really good time.” 

“Although I wish we had more time to rehearse, I don’t think that the concert could have gone any better. The outcome was amazing,” said Mr. McGuire.  Everyone felt it was an incredible concert and had a great time watching it. Most importantly, because it was their first concert since the pandemic, the students had a terrific time performing.

Watch the full concert here.