Coping With Covid


Gianna Giron-Gonzalez

COPING MECHANISM: Taylor Cholewa coping in her own way.

Gianna Giron-Gonzalez, Editor

Reports of Coronavirus taking over our society again have gone through the roof.   This is affecting people all around the world, so how do we cope with it?  

Covid has affected millions of civilians around the world, family, friends, and even pets.  News outlets like Newsela are reporting the issue,  “Our entire global community is having to deal with uncertainty right now and adjust to sudden, rapid changes and new stressors. . .”  This topic has become globally known throughout the past 2 years, affecting us in ways we don’t understand.  

Cain Berger, a 7th grader at WMS, explained that Covid has caused many disruptions in daily living, “Covid is pretty much ruining our normal lives.” As a result of our lives being changed so drastically, it is important to learn how to be emotionally okay in this new setting.

Impact On Routines:

As humans, we come up with a daily routine that provides us with comfort in uncertain times. That’s until a deadly virus comes and ruins all of it. An article about helping kids cope with covid stated, “Families across the country are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Some simple routines that can help keep you going forward could be, making your bed in the morning, making sure to eat a good breakfast every morning to start your day off right, or even just stretching in the morning to wake yourself up.  

Under the section, “Keep Your Morning Routine.”  from the website El Camino Health said, “Whether or not you’re leaving your house, you should still get up, get dressed and carry on as usual. Shower, brush your teeth, shave, do your hair/makeup — even if nobody’s going to see it, you’ll feel it.” 

Even if no one can tell you did your routine and you’re having a great day, you’ll feel it.  You’ll feel proud of yourself for getting up, making your bed, and eating a hearty breakfast.  

If you put that all together you get an easy and healthy routine to help get your day started and control where it goes.

Cope Talk:

Taylor Cholewa, a 7th Grader at WMS, said,“I cope with covid by playing roblox, reading books. I also cope with covid by drawing, laying down and hanging out with my family…”  Hanging out with family is a great way to stay connected during these difficult times.

Mr. Malmstrom, WMS teacher, said, “I cope with the situation by taking walks, I also got a dog a little before Covid started, which forced me into new and healthy routines. . . When we got stuck in lockdown, I started cooking and playing my guitar a lot more.”   

It’s always good to stay in touch with nature and do what you like to occupy your time and mind. 

Adaption Process: 

Learning to adapt to the situation is vital to being able to cope, and although it’s hard for people it’s still possible.  If you learn to be ductile, your emotional state won’t be affected as greatly as it would without being able to cope.

You might be asking, how do I learn to adapt? There are more advantages than you think such as finding humor in the situation.  For humorous folk, making people laugh brings comfort in themselves and others around them; it also lightens the mood. 

 Another advantage is to accept the change, it can’t change, so why bargain with the truth?  It can be hard to handle the truth, but when you accept it, you’ll feel a lot better.

Journaling is also a great way to cope with the virus; documenting what you’re feeling when you don’t feel like communicating with anyone is a good way to get it all out.  And If you don’t want anyone to read it, when you’re done journaling, rip it to shreds!  This is an activity used to help ‘clean out our minds’.

Finding a Way Together:

 In order to function properly, it is important to get out and socialize; being alone doesn’t help get over all of this. A safe way to socialize during the virus is, calling or Facetiming your friends, playing video games with friends, and going outside with friends. 

As the world comes at us with full force, we must either let it hit or defend ourselves, wearing a mask will help bring this to an end.  

Stay safe everyone and remember, you’re not alone during this.