Gilmore Girls – What impact does it have?


Rosangie Pena

GILMORE GIRLS INTRO: Still shot of Gilmore Girls intro.

Rosangie Pena and Julianne McSorley

Gilmore Girls has been a popular show since the late 2000’s. Starring the main characters Rory Gilmore, played by Alexis Bledel, and Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham,  playing as mother and daughter. This show could improve mother daughter relationships, or relationships in general, and help you become the best version of yourself throughout your life. 


Being close with family is one way to improve mental stability. Gilmore Girls encourages a healthy relationship between families by revealing a great mother and daughter relationship between Rory and Lorelai. The show does not just portray them having a great relationship, but also illustrates their ups and downs. They’re both happy and healthy, which is extremely important, and some may encourage other mothers to have this relationship with their daughter too. 

For example, there is another part in the show where Rory was at her lowest point and she thought she had no way out, but her mom became very supportive and caring, helping Rory. The creator even discussed the importance of mental health, “I think in that moment, she was in a great deal of pain and looking for an outlet and … a way to alleviate that pain,” Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. Explaining how important healthy relationships, and helping others can be.


We think this show is especially appropriate for teens, aged 12 ( with an adult aware / responsible ) – 21 at the most, although if you are older, it would still be appropriate, just not as fitting for others. Daniella Mojica, a fellow 7th grader in Woodbridge Middle School, added that she would and has recommended this show to others her age.  Some people might think the reason you should watch this show is because it has good plot twists including loads of drama, and inspiring lessons in each episode. Another reason why you should watch this show is because it’s somewhat relatable to many pre-teens or teens because as she mentioned, “Lorelai has crazy parents.”


Many people have different opinions on this show, but the main lesson is to explain how to never give up, and keep doing what you like. In Rory’s high school, she had people that hated her, and it brought her down, but that did not stop her from following her dreams. Daniella Mojica says, “Don’t be like Rory” Due to the fact that Rory goes on to make many bad choices. Although some people may think she has made good choices, according to their point of view. Rory recognizes her mistakes and feels bad about them but 


People have many different emotions on this show. Some might not be into it, but some might love it. We think it all depends on how you perceive it. 

( Since we are 2 different people with different opinions, we are going to be summarizing why and what we like about this character, to explain how we see the show differently. ) 

[Rosangie] is a big fan of Paris due to the fact that they both feel very pressured to have perfect grades or just be a winner every time they do something. In the show, Paris is seen as very competitive, mean, and over the top, but in reality she is a very sweet person who is dealing with a lot outside of school. This has helped me realize that you shouldn’t judge people on how they act in school because they could possibly have family problems or other problems going on

outside of school. 

[Julianne] is a big fan of Lorelai because of how relatable Lorelai is. I relate to a lot of things she does, like how she handles mistakes. She also sometimes has confidence that can be taken away in a second. Also, Lorelai always tries to make her daughter happy, but can get stressed and may take it out on people she doesn’t mean to take it out on. That is exactly like me. Another reason why I like her is because she’s usually very positive and I love her vibes. I think knowing this makes me feel more comfortable just getting a heads up that I’m not the only person that does these types of things.

CONCLUSION : In conclusion, this show can help many young people overcome life problems like relationships, school, family problems, and staying happy. During covid, many people have found it hard to focus on school and be happy, but Gilmore Girls can encourage you to work hard and to never give up, which is something that every teen should focus on