Warriors softball takes second place


Coach Maneri

Warriors Softball Team after their last game

Lexi Morales, Editor

The Warriors softball Team had a great 2021-2022 season. They made it to the championship against Colonia Middle School. 

The first game they won was against Colonia. This was Taylor “Taymaker” Woods’s favorite memory because “all the girls that just started playing got really happy.”

The season had a lot of great plays. Coach Maneri thinks the best play was when “Nurai Elshikh caught a ball in the outfield in their second game against Colonia.”

Coach Kjelle said it was “awesome” when Jaslyn Diaz Dela Rosa got a ball at third then tagged and threw it to first. 

Now that their season is over there are some things the girls and coaches miss. Woods explained, “I’m going to miss the players and coaches.”

Coach Kjelle explained she will miss the girls,  “You guys are hilarious and just being able to fool around, have fun and play games.”

Teamwork and communication are vital in softball.  Coach Maneri explained, “Learning how to be a team for those six innings between those lines we are there for each other, that’s what makes the team successful, not the wins and losses.”

There are many important skills in softball Coach Kjelle explained “teamwork and learning how to work together especially with people that you don’t see all day” is most important 

The team was so lucky to have two great coaches this season. Coach Kjelle said, “I played for 13 years, so it’s fun to be on the other side of things to show what I’ve learned by playing.

Coach Maneri explained why he likes coaching softball, “I love the sport. There is a different intensity to softball than to baseball. I think that’s what I like about it. It’s a fun energy.”

Congratulations to the Warriors Softball team for a great season

Warriors Softball team poses for a funny picture (Coach Maneri)