WMS’ September Star Students and Teachers

The star students of September: Ms. Gallagher said Noelia Haro-Menza is a positive role model to another student in class, she helped them with activities and staying on track, Congratulations! Mr. Malmstrom said Dillon Diaz helped a student that fell in the hallway during the first week of school, Congratulations! Ms. Chesney said Christian Rezkalla showed a new student around the building and helped them with their schedule, Congratulations! Ms. Rackett says Hogan Boyd takes leadership in class, which isn’t an easy thing to do. He stays on task, asks questions, and participates. Ms. Estenes said Jahlil Cruz is always kind to his classmates! Ms. Rackett said Nurai Elshikh always cleans up her lab space and stays on task in class, Congratulations!

Aleeza Raza, Editor