Cruella DeVille: The Review

Photo via: under the Creative Commons license

Aleeza Raza, Editor

The new movie Cruella was released on May 28th 2021. This was the remake of the classic 101 Dalmatians yet this movie was much different from the original. 

This new film focused on Estella’s fashion career and revenge on her “boss.” Unlike the newest movie, the original focused on Cruella, Estella’s alter ego’s fashion career and plotting the plan to make her newest “coat.” 101 Dalmatians came out in 1996, meaning the movies were released 25 years apart.

Estella had a miserable childhood, then built a new life for herself. She started working for the baroness, at a top fashion company in London. (Spoiler Alert) She then went on to figure out what really happened in her childhood. Her boss, the baroness, soon also finds out who Estella really is. Their relationship was mentorship and competition.  Soon, Estella became Cruella, a villain with a taste for fashion. She plotted and carried out her revenge towards the baroness with the help of her two friends Jasper and Horace.

Critics like Rohan Naahar and Rosa Parra were both disgusted and amazed with Cruella. Naahar said it was “ an unnecessary waste of $200 million.” On the other hand Parra said they had “superb production and costume design.” On average, this movie has a 4.7 star rating out of 5.

Disney’s Cruella was a hit and made $1.78 million only on opening day in China. In North America the film made $7.7 million on opening day. Cruella started filming in August 2019, then finished in November that same year

8th grader Lexi Morales shared her opinion on the movie and said, “I liked the movie, it was great, and I’d watch it again. My favorite character was Cruella and of course the dogs.”

Student Christina LaBracio said, “Overall, it was a good movie. I think some scenes could have been better. My favorite scene was when the baroness died, and when Cruella inherited her wealth.”

This was a great movie! I would have liked to see more representation of the classic, but I would recommend this movie to watch. I loved the backstory, the emotion, and the plot twists. Emma Stone played Cruella very well, and the acting was very realistic! I liked the setting of the movie and the fashion that was created.

Emma Stone, who played Cruella said, “ I loved playing Cruella, I don’t love the things that drove her, she was a very sick woman and it was a very interesting character to play.” 

Emma Thompson, who played the baroness shared her perspective on the fashion in the movie and said, “the frocks were sculptural works of art.”