A Review on Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”


Janae Li

GINNY, GEORGIA, AND AUSTIN: One of the first scenes we see of the mother-daughter duo, as well as Ginny’s brother Austin.

Janae Li, Editor

Recently released in February, the Netflix show Ginny and Georgia has since amassed enough pleased viewers that a second season is in the making. Entwined with both teenage and darker drama, the show is also laced with slight politics as well as crime. 

Plot: Ginny and Georgia mainly focuses on the lives of the mother-daughter duo, for whom the show is named. However, Georgia’s character and past remains shrouded for most parts, but bits and pieces do come together towards the last episode. Ginny, on the other hand, is someone whose teen life from starting all over in a new town to seeing sides of her mother she never knew existed, is someone we see a lot of. 

From moving to a new town and a new school, we watch Ginny make new friends, with her best friend being the sister of one of her love interests. The show also touches on arguments between her mother and friend group, as well as struggles she faces as someone who’s biracial. Her mother, on the other hand, is a single mother of two, who was 15 when she had Ginny. Georgia has her own drama going on, with juggling her new job, two kids, and past crimes that are chasing her now. She’s hidden a lot of her history from her children and says it’s to protect them, but that doesn’t help much between her and Ginny when they don’t see eye to eye and have arguments. 

Quotes & Opinions: 

“I really liked the show; though I felt that it was out of touch with how teens actually interact nowadays, and some of the plot points were childish. However, I still enjoyed watching it and am looking forward to seeing what happens in season 2.” — Nicole Vincent.

I agree with what Nicole said; although the show’s main audience was meant to be for teens, there were scenes you’d have to raise an eyebrow at because they were ridiculous. But the show did have great dramatic turns and it was still a captivating story. 

“I’d recommend this show to 12 or 13 years old and up, only because there are faintly explicit scenes, murder, but it’s not graphic at all, and use of drugs.” — Anonymous

I agree with this statement; I’d think that some of the scenes are for more mature eyes, but the show never “shows” too much anyway. 

“I would rewatch this show; actually I have. Just don’t stop watching after the first episode because it’s cringy but gets better.” — Gabriella Rodriguez 

This is a great piece of advice for watching the show; although there are moments you just want to forget what you saw, the plot and twists it includes make it worth watching until the end.