The Unholy review, is it good or bad?


Nigel Mangal

If The Unholy was a candle, I would blow it out and rather be in the darkness

Nigel Mangal, Editor

Satan inspired the worst, most offensive, and unscary horror movie of the year so far. The Unholy is a terrible movie with many offensive scenes. It wasn’t long enough and wasn’t scary/gory enough.

I didn’t like the “horror” movie too much. Actually, not many people did according to reviews. This movie was rated a total of 5.1/10 on IMDb and 2.9/5 on Google. It made around $21-25 million, probably because people wanted to see how bad it was. I could name around ten other movies that were better than this disgraceful Exorcist knockoff movie. 

What would I give this movie out of ten? I would rate it a 4.5-5 out of 10 because it wasn’t scary enough, nor long enough to be an actual proper good horror movie. An 8th Grader from WMS said “I would give this movie a 6/10 because of the jump scares, I got scared a few times but it’s definitely not the best horror movie I’ve seen. Major horror fans won’t like this movie too much because it’s not that scary and it’s pretty short.” I totally agree with them though I would rate it lower.

I don’t think this movie should’ve been released, they should have reviewed and watched this movie over before releasing. This movie had some potential in it, though they didn’t reach its full potential so we may never know. An 8th Grader from WMS said “I think it was an okay movie, it wasn’t the best horror movie I’ve ever seen, but it was an interesting movie. Some people are offended because they think that impersonating Mary was offensive, they have the right to be offended though.” Though I don’t agree with them that much, I understand what they are saying and I understand why they rated it that way.

User Manufail said, “The Unholy is an awkward film that ultimately tries to leave the viewer with a positive message but not even a positive message can make this a good film.” I only agree with the “awkward film” part. I disagree with the part where they said it leaves you with a positive message. In the movie, it didn’t leave me with a positive message after seeing it, it left me with boredom. I did not enjoy any part of this movie and there was no part of this movie that was positive.

User West S said, “Is this the way you feel comfortable to portray the virgin mary in such a disrespectful way? This will not be tolerated and shame on whoever is involved in the making of this movie.” I totally agree with them, this movie can and is offensive to certain people who believe in The Virgin Mary. It wasn’t okay to do what they did in the movie. *SPOILER ALERT* They had a demon impersonate The Virgin Mary and made Mary look evil. This movie has offended many people which caused them to have a terrible rating.

Who should watch this movie?

An 8th Grader from WMS said, “I think this movie isn’t for children, it’s for teens and older because of the blood and horror and language they use. My favorite horror movie is The Conjuring and I enjoyed that movie way more than The Unholy because it had more detail and it was more scary than The Unholy, it was also longer and better in general in my opinion.” 

Again, I definitely agree with them and I recommend this movie for teens and older because of, like the 8th Grader said, the language, jumpscares, and blood even though no one should watch it. The rating for this movie is PG-13 anyways, for violent content, terror, and some strong language. If a child saw this, it would probably give them trauma or scare them for nights, even though it isn’t that scary for horror movie veterans. Teens are more mature so I think they can handle a movie like The Unholy. 


This movie may be offensive to people who believe in God and the Virgin Mary because they portray the Virgin Mary in this movie as an evil person. There is another Mary who impersonates the Virgin Mary and takes people’s souls who believe in her. She’s a demon in hell and the only reason she’s alive is because she has a relative who is one of the main characters. If that relative dies then she dies too. They might make a sequel to this terrible movie because her relative is still alive.