You are doing TV wrong if you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy



Jackie Berger, Editor

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama created in 2005 by Shonda Rhimes. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is currently being aired on ABC. This popular medical drama was renewed on May 10th, 2021 for yet another season, which will be its 18th. This leaves Grey’s fans undecided on whether it’s been going on for too long, or if they want to see more. 

Season 1 Overview 

Season one of Grey’s Anatomy allows you to get to know all the characters’ personalities well and you get a feel for the show. Who would have thought you could get so attached to fictional television characters? You may notice the plot moves a bit slowly due to season 1 being like a huge introduction. Despite that, I, as well as many others believe that season one does have the best cast. One of the most popular characters being Derek Shepard, better known as Mcdreamy.  A fellow Grey’s Anatomy fan stated, “I feel like the season one cast of Grey’s is better because they are the ones who created the story and there’s a lot of character growth in them.”  A majority of Grey’s Anatomy watchers seem to believe the original cast is the best set of characters. Regardless, only 3 originals remain in season 17. 

What to know before getting into Grey’s Anatomy

 Before watching this popular medical drama, there are some things you will want to know. Grey’s Anatomy contains a lot of fake blood and needles. Although the blood is not real, it may still be viewed as graphic for many. Furthermore, there are heavy romantic features here and there, so be mindful. “…I think it depends on the person because of maturity and I think it’s a fine show to watch with your parents. There is a lot worse out there right now.” That is a quote from a  Grey’s fan who is also a mother to a big time Grey’s Anatomy fan. The show is labeled for adult audiences, but a majority of people I have spoken with feel it is okay to watch it with parental consent. 

Medical Accuracy 

Grey’s Anatomy is definitely not the most medically accurate show, but I feel that it does capture the amount of stress and hardship that is put into working in an emergency room. Working on holidays, little time off, sleeping at the hospital, and the list goes on. A popular Youtuber known as Dr. Mike , who is a real doctor, stated “…In reality it did take a deep dive into how a resident feels and what their work is like…medical accuracy is obviously weak…”.  To keep people interested, it is crucial that they stretch the doctor lifestyle out. I doubt working in a hospital would consist of groundbreaking cases and love stories daily, but they cannot make an episode where you get a couple cases of sprained ankles. Nobody would have a desire to see more.

To Watch or Not to Watch

I think everyone who can tolerate blood and needles should watch Grey’s Anatomy. Even though it pains me to say this, I feel it is becoming time to slowly give the show an ending.  Fans are starting to perceive that the show has gone on too far, and I don’t want the show to be spread around with a bad reputation due to the length. If you are interested in watching the show, be warned, just like ailment, this show has minor side effects. It may cause temporary anxiety, sadness, and loss of sleep. My best friend and I have suffered immensely with our sleep schedules ever since we began watching it. In addition,  I struggle with deep sadness for a small session of each episode. In any case, it is worth all the hardship, and it would bring me great joy if you gave the show a chance.