Mrs. Burke takes a fun twist on virtual learning


Aleeza Raza

Mrs. Burke shows her students a card trick

Aleeza Raza, Author

Mrs. Burke, a 7th grade math teacher, takes learning into her own hands by entertaining her class every now and then. It started with a class talent show; her students showed their talents even through a computer screen! The many talents that took place were singing, dancing, and even rolling your eyes to the back of your head. After her talent show, she stepped it up to showing her students the new magic trick she learned!  Her students are now on their toes to see what fun activities they will see in their math class. 


A question with Mrs. Burke: 

Question: What inspired you to become a teacher?

Answer:  I actually didn’t go to college for teaching. I went for interior design and later switched to marketing. While in college, I had a calculus teacher who helped me get through the class which I struggled with in high school. He made it so easy. I wound up taking him again later in college for an elective class called linear algebra and loved it. After working a year in NYC on Wall Street, I decided that wasn’t where I wanted to be and wanted to go back for education. Luckily, because of my elective class, I had enough credits to become a math teacher and hopefully have the same impact on students that my professor had on me.