Adopt don’t shop pets 


Lyana Rolon

ADOPT DON’T SHOP PETS: This is my rescue Lulu, she’s a Pit Bull mix and she’s so sweet.

Lyana Rolon, Fall Author

Adopt don’t shop pets 

My experience with adopting a dog was the best experience of my life. I used to be terrified of dogs;, after I met my dog my fear for dogs disappeared. My dog makes me feel safe and she’s so sweet. A lot of people are terrified of my dog because she’s a Pit Bull mix but she is the most loving dog.  Believe it or not, but there are a lot of people out there that do not realize how important adopting a pet is.  There are dogs everywhere that are misunderstood and just need a loving home.  That is why it is important for people to adopt instead of buying a dog in a store.

How Dogs Improve Our Lives:

Much like the experience that I had with my dog Lulu, many other people have fears or reservations about adopting a dog.  But people need to realize that it makes their lives better.  For example, my uncle said, “I feel happy to have my dog.” My uncle got a call one day from one of his friends asking if he wanted to adopt a dog they found. He said “yes” and adopted his dog.

Furthermore, Mr. Malmstrom, a journalism and language arts teacher at WMS, talked about how owning a dog changed his life for the better.  He said, “The time I have spent with my dog has made me more responsible.” 

What Can You Expect from Adopting a Pet:

In addition to how dogs improve our lives, there are some things you would have to acceptexcept if you adopt a dog. Some dogs come from horrible past and just need love. My dog is scared of a lot of objects. Some dogs aren’t trained to do lots of things. My dog only knows how to sit and stay.“I feel happy to have my dog but she’s a lot of work,” my mom Ines Rolon said.

There Are Other Animals That Need Help:

After all there are more animals like cats, birds, etc, in shelters there are sections for each animal. When I went to the shelter I only went to where the dogs were. Not only the dogs need a home but all animals do. Can you imagine how many of each animal there are that need a home?. My dad Jesus Rolon said, “I would feel sad if there weren’t any animals in the world, because I love animals.” 

What Can You Do To Help?

Lastly, some things you can do to help is donate toys, beds, blankets, etc. to the animal shelter. Another thing you can do to help is if you’re planning to get a dog or any other animal, try going to the shelter. Take a look and see if you like any dog in the shelter. There are a lot of ways to help out an animal shelter.