Basketball Tips On Off – Season – Yianni Xidias

Photo via under Creative Commons License.

Ioannis G. Xidias, Editor

Do you know how basketball is a sport that happens during the fall through winter-ish times? Well here’s the thing. Everyone (even the professionals in the NBA) finds ways to play basketball year-round and making new tricks that no one has never done. For those who like to do that there are some tips for you if you would like to know what to do to get ready for a game.

First, start off with some stretches; for example,  put your right arm over your chest and left hand on the top of your right arm and hold that position for ten seconds. Then the opposite. Left-arm across the chest and right hand holding and stretch for 10 seconds. Then drop your arms and wiggle them out for a few seconds to relax them a bit. 

Then do some high-knees for about 20 seconds (30 at most) to get your legs going. If you want to do less, then do so. If more, go for more. It’s important to listen to your body as you stretch. If you have any other stretching suggestions, do them because your body will be much more prepared for your game/practice and you are less likely to get any internal or external injuries. Those are just two start-ups to get the blood running. Then, grab a ball and PLAY BALL!!!