This Day in History-October 30


Gabriella Rodriguez, Editor

On this day, we know it as Mischief Night. The mischievous day before Halloween. It is where all the children and teenagers play pranks on each other and overall create chaos at any chance they get. 

Mischief night was first created in Britain in Oxford in 1790. The origin of a headmaster during this time wanted children during this day to have fun and pull pranks. The children threw eggs and flour at each other. They threw toilet paper over buildings and played many other pranks. 

It has now moved to the USA and is now taking place every October 30th. In different states, this day has many other names. For example, in NJ it’s known as Mischief Night, but in Cincinnati, it’s known as Cabbage Night. It’s known as Cabbage Night because some pranks during this night involve rotten cabbage.

Overall Mischief Night can be a fun day for playing pranks on your friends and having a good time with them. But you should never vandalize nor cause harm to anybody because of this day. If you do plan to take part in this day, be cautious to still follow the rules to stay safe from this everlasting pandemic!