Top Halloween Movies

Photo via under the Creative Commin License

Photo via under the Creative Commin License

Mariska Larsen, Editor

1.Psycho- This movie is my favorite because of the ending. Throughout the whole movie we are giving suspense about the mom and son. It has the iconic shower scene. The ending has a crazy twist to it.


2.The Shining-  If you like Stephen King this is definitely a movie to watch. The movie starts off nice but it all goes downhill from there. What really freaked me out was the twins from the movie. 


3.Nightmare On Elm Street- I remember when I watched this movie when I was around 7. I had a lot of trouble sleeping after watching it. This movie has the most famous killer Freddy Krueger. 


4.Insidious- This horror movie scared me the most out of all of them. This movie is another movie about sleeping. It has a lot of jump scares and the intro sound is what scared me the most. If you’re not into ghosts and people getting possessed I would not watch it.


5.Poltergeist- It started with a normal family. Until ghosts start taking over their house. At first the family says nothing until the daughter gets sucked into a closet and can only communicate with her family through a tv. It is definitely a movie to watch.