GOT BEATS – Yianni Xidias

David Michael

Photo via under the CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE under the Tools tab on Google.

Ioannis G. Xidias, Editor

It’s another year in Woodbridge Middle School and Yianni Xidias is back in Journalism, hoping to inspire some more people about music. First off (no offense to the readers of this Short Section but…), you need to know your music. You practically need to mix those who could be mixed with. You need beats. Beats are your friends if you want to become a DJ. If so, go to  and look up BEATS. Then find something that you like and think others will like and try mixing it with something. Try a party mix. Try a party. Doesn’t matter as long as you know what you are doing and you enjoy it, too. Want to follow along for more TIPS & TRICKS on how to become a great music artist or DJ? Follow Yianni (or DJ Yianni; call him as you wish) on his page: to book him and find more of his stories on and  The Warrior Messenger Homepage, where you could find some of his latest stories.