The Great Outdoors


Ioannis Xidias

Nature provides us a great escape from stress

Ioannis Xidias, Spring Author

Do you usually have a busy day? Do your teachers, bosses, and parents put pressure on you to finish your work by a certain time and day? Well here’s a great idea. Why don’t you take some time off your work schedule and go relax outside from a hard and busy day of work? Go for a walk, play some basketball, do stretches and breathe some fresh air, or even water your plants. That’s what I would do. Take it from me. I like chilling outside after a busy day of schoolwork. 

I think that it is relaxing to go outside, especially during this time of social distancing. It is quiet out and people are separated from one another, making it easier for you to roam around and take some breaths to relieve any stress from your work. There are also lots of fun activities you can do to relax.  Play some sports in your backyard, whether it be basketball or volleyball with a family member. It doesn’t even have to be involved, you can do something like stretches or breathe some fresh air. You can never have too much fun while being outside. 

You should probably know that when you are outside that there are precautions that need to be taken. For example, watch out for pollen or things covered with pollen. This includes flowers, cars, maybe hoses, bushes, trees, really anything that sits outside for a long period of time. Otherwise, a great time awaits you outside. 

There are a few other tips you can use to make your time outside more fun. The town can add mile marks on the street so people could know how far they have walked and that they could feel good about how far they have walked. You can also use your phone to track how far they have gone. The results will make you feel better. Then when you come back home to continue your day of work, you are stress-free and well-knowing that you have relaxed. This process is the way to go if you have any more stress-related problems during the day.