What the average family thinks about this difficult situation.


James Fudge, Spring Author

Right now we are going through a tough time, but at least we have sports to help us with that, oh, never mind, sports are getting canceled. Basketball got cancelled too, but at least we have the Olympics. Oh, never mind, it got canceled.


Well at least we are together as a community even though we are not together in person. A local family believes that the hardest part of the quarantine is that it wears people down because “this is not life.” 


My brother, and WHS freshman, Kevin Fudge explained, “The only good things that are benefits is that bullying can’t happen and when I finish my work I could go on with my game.”


Kevin’s family mentioned that they  “understand why, but don’t like it.” They are handling not seeing friends by “talking to friends on Xbox” and “using the internet.”