My father and brother share statements on Nickelodeon’s kindness



A picture of Nickelodeons exercise commercials on TV.

Nickelodeon spreads kindness by inserting exercise activities in their commercials, getting kids in quarantine active. John Shala and Nick Shala, my father and brother, share opinions on this act of kindness.  

John Shala, a 4th grade student and my brother, thinks that Nickelodeon getting children off their seats is a helpful idea because “you’re getting exercise.”  Shala continued, “I feel positive because Nickelodeon is making kids stay healthy.” Shala said Nickelodeon is taking away the laziness from kids. When asked how people can spread kindness, Shala said “not taking so much supplies at the store.”

Woodbridge residents and my father Nick Shala thinks it’s a “fabulous” idea that Nickelodeon is spreading kindness.  Shala said, “I think it’s a great idea that they use their platform to assist during quarantine.”  He thinks that Nickelodeon should keep the activities after quarantine as well.  Shala’s way to spread kindness is “virtually checking on family and elderly relatives.

Being kind is one of many ways to stay occupied in quarantine.  In dire situations like now, it is important to pass the kindness around.