Dear Ex Best Friend, I miss you

Haley Carlson, Spring Editor

We have known each other for years

I thought you would always be around
But, I was wrong

I was the stupid one, not you

I was the one who tore apart our friendship like a kid opening presents on Christmas


Now as I lay asleep at night I wonder what would life would be like if we were still friends

Because as I pass you in the halls it’s like we are strangers

With no memories of the past 5 years


Filled with hope I am excited of the fact that you speak a word to me

But I know it’s just a temporary thing

I thought that we would be friends until the end

But I was wrong

If only I could still have the mind of that small 3 year old


If I could go back in time maybe things could be different

Maybe we could still be friends

Or maybe I could just erase all the pain i caused myself and you

So all I want to say is I’m sorry