Riley Volpe, Fall Editor


What is self love?-Self love is when you don’t care about what you look like on the outside, and you love the way you are as a human, inside and out. You don’t care about what everyone else wants you to look like, and you don’t care about impressing someone with your looks because you already think that you are good enough in this society we have today. It is also a feeling where you feel like you belong somewhere in beauty. It’s really good to have self-love.


Why is it important?- Self-love is important because in this decade because society makes  one’s image important to be “Superior”or “perfect”, when you don’t because you are the way your are intended to be. In middle school, and high school students can get picked on and that can cause confidence plummet. For example, some people might make fun of a beauty mark, however, it is important to know that if that beauty mark wasn’t there you wouldn’t look as beautiful as you are with it. 


Don’t compare yourself to others. Even though it is difficult for middle schoolers to have self love, it is important to also remember that you are a work in progress.  Love who you are and be confident of who you will become.


How can someone learn to love themselves now?- A way for middle school students to overcome their fears and self doubt is to ask the question:. But what can I do just to make myself feel better now, so I can start to love myself…but also help with the progress?  


You can work on your attitude towards yourself and others. Other things you can control is the amount of water you drink, how much you exercise, how much sleep you get, and practicing being a good person. healthier\\\, Accomplishing these things will make you a happier person. You also need to learn that your personality matters more than your looks.


Something else you can do to feel better about yourself is to give others compliments. It’s great to give someone compliments since it makes both of you feel great, it makes you look like 10x better. Also when someone mentions you to someone else you will get a better word and reputation.  


What can I do to help someone else learn to love themselves?- You can give that person compliments, or tell them that you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Being optimistic is a clear path to self love. . Becoming healthy, and doing things that you love can also lead to a happier life. 


Help your friends learn that beauty doesn’t matter if it’s your attitude towards others, and that is what makes a beautiful person.