A new, but well-seasoned teacher turns a new page

Shayna Mangal, Author

Mrs. Inostroza, a new teacher here at WMS, talked a little bit about herself for everyone to get to know her better on October 13th.

Mrs. Inostroza says teaching here has been very interesting and she’s excited to be here this school year. The reason she enjoys teaching is because she said, ”I like to see when the students’ faces light up when they learn something new.”

Mrs. Inostroza has been teaching for over 17 years. She has taught at five different schools, two of them in Jersey City.

She has two boys that both go to Port Reading School 9. She loves to travel, and has been on 17 different cruises. Her hobby outside of school is scrapbooking. She loves dolphins and going to the beach. Her favorite type of music is 80s and her favorite food is any kind of Spanish food.

Best of luck to Mrs. Inostroza on her new year at WMS!