Riddle #1: The Tragedy at the Park

Luke Vazquez, Fall Editor

One gloomy Saturday afternoon, somebody committed a murder at a local park. Police immediately questioned the four neighbors around the park in search of clues. One woman, named Marylyn, claimed she was gardening until it started raining, and she went inside to do some knitting with her grandkids. A man named Charles said that he went to a local corner store, where he bought a liter or soda and some spicy potato chips, and went back into his living room to watch the football game between the Steelers and the Titans. One man named Andrew was eating ice cream at a local candy shop with his girlfriend, named Jessica. The last suspect, named Rebecca, claimed she was doing her nails and watching a YouTube tutorial on different hairstyles. Who was it?







Answer: Charles. Football games are on Sunday, and at the beginning of the riddle it said it was a Saturday.