A “Hello!” from Mo


Lila Ulmer

Mozart, more commonly called Mo.

Mozart is a 7-8 year old dog, owned by Lila Ulmer and her family. People often refer to him as Mo, though. He was a rescue dog, and came to New Jersey from Alabama. He lived on the streets. Because of his unknown past, no one knows his real birthday. His humans just made his birthday May 31st, the day he was adopted five years ago. Mo enjoys relaxing on the couch and running in his backyard to chase squirrels. (He almost caught one once, it could’ve ended badly.) Mozart is rarely called by his full name, Mozart. He is petrified when it comes to thunder and fireworks, and often spends Fourth of July in the bathtub. Luckily, his humans are there to comfort him. Mo enjoys attention, but when his humans are busy, he spends his days sun-bathing, waiting for the next treat to come along.

Fun Facts About Mo:

  • Due to a sensitivity, he can only eat “all natural” foods.
  • Mo enjoys human foods as a special treat, like cheese, or raspberries.
  • His breed is unknown, though he a most likely a terrier mix.
  • He loves to chew up tennis balls, and chase his humans on their skateboards.