How To Adapt To Change

Nisha Hodgins, Fall Editor

Change is constant. The world is constantly changing. Many people don’t know how to adapt and adjust themselves to drastic change. It’s easy to fall into negative habits, but the truth is change isn’t awful. Think of change, as evolving into something new. Evolving is positive, and meant to improve life. Going through many chapters of life is common. People don’t stay the same forever. People are meant to evolve. It’s important to come to terms with change. Adapting to change comes with time, but anyone can accomplish it. To help with adapting to change, it could be useful to remind oneself about all the times they have made changes and have benefited from it. Almost everyone has made a change in their life, even if it’s minor. Reflecting on the change that has happened in one’s life can guide oneself for change in the future. Overall change is constant; no one can avoid it. It’s beneficial to use change to one’s advantage instead of letting it control one’s life.