Meet Jac!


Sarah Rasimowicz

Jac standing in the yard of his favorite place: Upstate New York

Sarah Rasimowicz, Fall Editor

Jac is a 2 year old, Blue Merle, rough collie puppy. He was adopted by the Rasimowicz family on November 6th, 2017. His birthday is August 8th 2017. Jac’s full name is Jacobite Sky. In early England, men who were Catholic and Scottish were called “Jacobites”. Rough Collies are Scottish dogs, and the Rasimowicz family holds a Catholic household. Jac is Scottish by nature, and Catholic by adoption, therefore fitting the name perfectly. Sky is his father’s name. Jac loves romping around outside and playing with “his children” which are Sarah,AJ,and Audreyann. He is always a friendly pupper and is only aggressive with his arch nemesis: THE VACUUM CLEANER (dun dun DUNN!) Jacobite is a good boy but can often be found digging in the garbage can. His favorite human foods are cheese, peanut butter, and ice.


Fun Facts:

  • When Jac was first adopted, he kept running into walls because he didn’t know how long his nose was!
  • His coat is called Blue Merle and is a relatively rare set of genes. When breeding dogs with this coat, you can only breed a Blue Merle with a different coat because breeding 2 Blue Merles can result in a blind/deaf litter!