Sport superiority

This Pie Chart displays the results of the poll. (Pie chart created with

Luke Vazquez and Michael Corbett

Sports are major parts of youth and older generations. They bring people together and entertain millions of people every year. People everywhere enjoy a wide variety of sports, each one unique and extraordinary it its own way. 

For centuries, there has been a debate about which sport is truly the best. And with modern studies, we still don’t have an answer. To try to perceive this perplexing problem, we have determined what Woodbridge Middle School students think the superior sport is.

When asked what their favorite sport is we had many responses. As you can see from the pie chart below, we had diverse answers. We interviewed 27 people in our school including us. (The percentages have been calculated for the 27 responses.)

Basketball and football are the most popular sports at WMS based on this poll.  However, soccer, baseball, and volleyball are right behind them. Coming in last are hockey, swimming ,gymnastics, cheer.  Surprisingly, e-sports was evenly popular as softball and other.

In Woodbridge Middle school there are Basketball, softball, baseball, bowling, and volleyball teams. In 2018-19 there were over fifty kids playing sports at WMS. Other kids may have not tried out for the teams at WMS, but play recreation or travel sports outside of school. In one class of seventeen student, six kids say they play sports outside of school. One person plays rec sports, one person plays travel and three people play both.

My favorite sport (Michael Corbett) is soccer because I like how unique it is using your feet and how its very technical.

My favorite sports (Luke Vazquez) are “Baseball and basketball because I love the competitiveness of it.”

We both like other sports as well and so did many of the people we interviewed.

Recent studies have shown that in other parts of the world, soccer is much more popular then any other sports. Some of the continents that love soccer best are Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.